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New Visitor FAQ

What software do these plugins and templates work with?

All of the plugins, templates, and other mods on this site are designed to work with Soholaunch's Pro Edition site builder software. You can find out more about Soholaunch and Pro Edition on the main Soholaunch website.

Do I have to have the full version to install these plugins?

Yes, you must have the full version of Pro Edition installed on your website (all advanced features enabled) in order to install and use plugins. Also note that plugins will only work with Pro Edition version 4.9 or later, so make sure your copy is up-to-date.

Do I have to have the full version to install these templates?

No, only the base version of Soholaunch Pro Edition (aka ProBase) is required to install the templates on this website. However, many templates may tie-in to features not available in the base version. For example, they may include special areas for "latest news" items and "special promotions" that are controlled through the Blog Manager feature...which is not included in the base version.

What version of Soholaunch Pro Edition is required to use plugins?

The plugin capability was added in version 4.9 r1. So make sure you have at least that version installed. Earlier versions do not support this new feature.

You can find out what version you're running by looking in the bottom-right corner (in the footer) of Pro Edition when you're logged-in to manage your website.

If you do not have access to a Soholaunch auto-installer like Fantastico, Installatron, or 4PSA, you can update to v4.9 for free using our own auto-installer/updater script, which you can download here (links to download page on our main website).

Do I have to sign up for an account to download stuff?

Yes, you must sign-up for an account before you can download free addons or purchase premium addons. Registration is fast and completely free though, so what are you waiting for? Sign up now! The main reason why we require you to have an account to download is to cut back on piracy and such. For example, we may offer some addons for free, but we only want to give them to people who actually use Soholaunch.

How can I get additional help if my question isn't answered here?

If you're a developer looking for documentation on creating plugins/templates, check out the Soholaunch Wiki. Otherwise, please send us your question/comment via this contact form.