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Developer Quick-Start Guide:
Creating and selling Soholaunch templates and plugins

Get a copy of Soholaunch Pro Edition installed somewhere so you can play with it/use it to develop your templates/plugins. Either purchase a license or take advantage of the free 15 day trial that you can download right now.
Create a template/plugin.
Upgrade (free) to a "Developer" account. Log-in to the Addons website (the one you're on right now) and make your account a "Developer" account (click on the orange box at the right on the Manage Account page). Upgrading is free; we just need some additional info like your paypal email so we know where to send the money.
Submit your template/plugin.
  1. Log-in to your Soholaunch Addons account (as in, click the login button at the upper-right of this page).
  2. Click "My Addons" on the left-hand menu
  3. Click the "Add new plugin" or "Add new template" on the "My Addons" page that comes up.
  4. Submit the Add new [template/plugin] form (includes upload field)
We approve it. We check it out just to make sure it's cool. If there's a problem we'll tell you what has to be fixed before we can approve it, or if it's all good then we approve it and it's instantly available for purchase on the site.
You start getting paid. At the end of each month we tally up what you've sold. 5.5% comes off the top for processing fees (charged by PayPal and Credit Card merchant). Then we take 30% for our cut and PayPal you the lion's share (70%).