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FLASH Grungy Black with TZ Menu System

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Welcome VodaHost Customer!

Are you using Soholaunch's website builder (full version included free with your VodaHost account) to create your website? If so, then you can install and use any of the plugin features and template designs offered on this website.

How to use this website
Sign-up for a Soholaunch Addons account if you don't already have one (it's free).
Check out all the plugins and templates available. Some are free and you can download them right away; others are "premium" addons that require a one-time fee before you can download them.
Once you download/buy a plugin or template, it's easy to install — just watch the appropriate tutorial movie for a walkthrough (installing plugins | installing templates).

What is this website?

Soholaunch Addons (this website) is the official place to download, buy, and sell templates and plugins for Soholaunch's website builder.

What are templates?

Templates change the entire look and layout of your website. For example, most all templates include custom styles for your menu navigation buttons/links, and many incorporate other special features that you can manage through Soholaunch (like 'Latest News' boxes that you can control with the Blog Manager).

What are plugins?

Plugins are installable packages that add new functionality to Soholaunch Pro Editon. They can add anything from a toolbar button to a entirely new feature module. Above all, plugins let you tailor your copy of Soholaunch to best suit the website you're trying to build; you can add only the features you want and leave out those you don't.