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Weight Based Shipping: Overview

Weight Based Shipping by Matthew Treanor -- Released on Oct 25, 2008

Are Your Shipping Charges Losing You Sales?
When a Flat Shipping Charge Just Won’t Do

When it comes to online shopping carts, a major problem is the inability to tailor the shipping charges to the specific products being ordered. The shipping charge is the same for every product sold, and you can’t effectively offer a discount for purchasing multiple items.

This can be a major problem when sites offer products of differing sizes.

The Weight Based Shipping plug-in makes these worries a thing of the past, by allowing you to accurately calculate the shipping charge for a purchase, based on the total weight of the purchased goods.

If you sell items ranging from 100g up to 15kg, why should the shipping be the same for these two items?

And if a customer purchases both the 100g and 15kg item, why should they pay postage twice, when the shipping charge for 15kg and 15.1kg is exactly the same?

This is why the Weight Based Shipping plug-in is a ‘must-have’. It gives you the flexibility to set shipping charges based on the total weight of the order.

Set the weight for each product sold, and the plug-in will accurately provide a postage charge for each order.

Features: (See screenshots)
1) The Plugin allows you to offer two shipping methods per order. These methods are editable and can be changed as desired. For example you could offer Regular Post and Express Post or Regular Post and Registered Post - whatever you require. You can also turn off the second option if you only offer one method of shipping.
2) Ten weight ranges where you set your own rates according to your shipping company’s rates. For example 0 To 100g = $4.95
3) This Plug-In Works for both Imperial (Pounds / Ounces) and Metric (Killos/ Grams) systems.
4) The only weight-based shipping Plugin offered for use with Soholaunch.

The Benefits You Should See
If you take advantage of this great plug-in, you should see the following benefits on your websites, and your client’s websites:

1) More sales, as customers don’t leave your site, disappointed with the shipping they would be forced to pay.
2) More profits, as you can set appropriate shipping charges for large and heavy items.
3) Larger sales, as customers are encouraged to order multiple items without incurring excessive shipping fees.

If You Do Nothing
You can choose to overlook the benefits of this plug-in, and continue to be frustrated with the limited shipping options that are standard to Soho. One of three things will happen if you take this path:

1) You continue to lose customers who are disappointed by the unnecessarily high postage charges you are forced to charge.
2) You miss out on easy profits by undercharging for postage, and losing money on every sale you make.
3) Customers buy a single product, but refuse to buy more than one, because of the additional shipping they will face. Again your profits will suffer, missing out on larger orders.

Think about the potential damage happening to your bottom line right now. How much are you missing out on with every sale? How many sales are you missing out on completely that you don’t even know about?

This can become a thing of the past in an instant, with the purchase of this plug-in. For just $49.95, all your shipping concerns will become a distant memory.

Enjoy better profits on your own sites, and happier clients for just $49.95. It’s a very small price to pay!

Installation Instructions:

1. Install using the ‘Manage Plugins’ section
2. Go to the Shopping Cart and click on ‘Shipping Options’.
3. Choose Custom PHP Include.
4. Choose weight_based_shipping.php and save.
5. Go back to the Shopping Cart Menu.
6. Click on Weight Based Shipping button.
7. Enter the names of the two shipping methods. The order doesn't matter. Then click Save.
8. Then enter the weight ranges and prices for each of the shipping methods.
9. Make sure you have entered the weights for each of your products in the User Defined (B) field in the advanced tab of the item edit screen. Use the SAME unit of measure for all. So if you are entering in grams, you would enter "300" for 300 grams. But if you were going to do kilograms, you would do "0.3" for 300 grams. The actual title of the unit of measure is irrelevant, just ensure you are consistent.

If you have any questions contact me on matt.treanor@hyperforce.com.au

Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: 4.9.3+
Soholaunch hand icon Ultra: no

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Weight based shipping - worth every penny
by jerryww, Mar 17th, 2009
I purchased this add-on and it has transformed the way that the checkout works. We were having problems with international sales but this and the automatic combining of postage for multiple purchases has really added a professional touch to our site. Needless to say I am very happy with this and it was worth every penny. The only improvement I would like to see is automatic selection of overseas customers instead of them having to select this manually. Jerry

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