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Multi-RSS: Overview

Multi-RSS by ViaStep -- Released on Mar 06, 2009

For version 4.93 r20 > (and higher)

After many request, we announce Multi-RSS!

Turn ANY of your blogs into a LIVE RSS FEEDS by using ViaStep Multi-RSS plugin..

Select a blog category and turn it into a live rss feed.

RSS Feed Settings:

  • Turn ANY blog you want into a live RSS feed
  • Drag & Drop the RSS feed on any page(s) you want.
  • Show ALL feeds on a single page

  • Alignment on page (left, center, right)

  • Name for RSS Feed

  • Description for RSS Feed + (when a user mouseover the RSS button)

For any support, please open a support ticket at



Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: 4.9 r20+
Soholaunch hand icon Ultra: no

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by Jon Brody, Mar 09th, 2009
First rate plugin - autoupdates as Blogs are added to - saves hours of work. Installed on a site with multiple Blogs - client very happy.

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