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Search Engine Friendly Page Names: Overview

Search Engine Friendly Page Names by Leh-Wen Yau -- Released on Feb 16, 2007

Soho has incorporated the function of this plug-in in v4.9.3 r20. You do not need this plug-in if you update your soho software to that build or later.

Have you ever wondered why all Soholaunch page url's look like Wouldn't it be nice it they look like therefore more friendly to search engines?

Well, one of the best kept secrets in Soholaunch is that, instead of index.php?pr=Page_Name, one CAN reference a page with a search engine friendly Page_Name.php. This plug-in makes the auto menu system and text editor link do just that: generating hyperlinks to pages with the Page_Name.php format.

Here are a few points before you get and install this plug-in:

  • This plug-in works with Soholaunch's auto menu system only. It will not work on custom menu systems.

  • This plug-in will not work on templates with custmized pgm-auto_menu.php module, which can be found in the template's folder if used.

  • You will get a "page not found" error if you just created but have not saved the page. A simple save of even a blank page removes this error.

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Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: 4.9.2 r8+
Soholaunch hand icon Ultra: no

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by whmmox, Dec 14th, 2008
I have noticed a very quick changed in Google Inexing when using this plugin. Simply the best!! Leh-Wen, Keep up the awesome work you provide.

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