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TZ Page Peel Banners: Overview

TZ Page Peel Banners by TemplateZapper -- Released on Feb 09, 2008

Announcing the

TZ Page Peel Banner Plugin

For Soholaunch

Now the popular page peeling ad banners are available in a simple to use Soholaunch plugin.

You get all the dynamic effects of a giant pop-up ad without all the intrusion, distraction, and irritation.

The plug-in is also capable of automatically handling random banner rotations!

The quantity of the ads is virtually unlimited. The plugin comes with a full interface to easily change out your banner(s) and assign links.

The TZ Page Peel Banners will even work on top of other flash banners on the page (with the correct wmode coding in your template for your flash banner).

You can easily specify on which pages the TZ Peeling Banner Ad goes on by simply dragging down a "Custom Code" module onto your page layout grid.

The two necessary images for a single Page Peel banner are simply uploaded to the standard images folder using sohoadmin's image upload.

Two separate banner ads are included and are automatically installed along with the plugin.

The plugin even comes with SIX ad "blanks" sets and samples to get you started with your banner designs.

There is an extensive help file available from within the plugin interface.

NOTE- The main zip file must be unzipped on your local computer first.

To see a live demo go to

Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: v4.9.2 r17+
Soholaunch hand icon Ultra: no

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