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TZ Coupon Code System: Overview

TZ Coupon Code System by TemplateZapper -- Released on Aug 01, 2006

The TZ Coupon Code system adds a fully featured coupon code system to your Soholaunch shopping cart.

This plugin requires Soholaunch 4.9 or higher to operate.

It's flexible and easy to use for both the sohoadmin Aministrator and the customer.

The system features using either a dollars off or a percent off amount for each code entry.

You can have virtually unlimited numbers of separate coupon codes for your customers to have available.

The starting and expiration dates are easily entered or edited.

There is a place to store notes about the coupon that only the Administrator sees.

The coupon database is fully backed up using Soholaunch's backup utility.

The customer is given the opportunity to enter a code that you have given them or advertised on your website. For example, you could advertise on your home page "10% off all purchases this week only! Use coupon code 10thisweekonly for instant savings."

Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: v4.9+
Soholaunch hand icon Ultra: no

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Coupon Codes
by Bears Marine, Jul 17th, 2011
Im a complete web building novice. This plugin was so easy to install and set up and already paying for itself by bringing in customers who use the coupon given to them. Yes...a use once feature would be nice though!
by Dave, Jul 31st, 2010
Really like this plug-in, it is so easy to use. Please think about adding a "use once" option, it would make the plug-in outstanding.
Great Add-on to increase business!
by Ron, Dec 17th, 2007
Thanks this is a great complement to the soho newsletter feature and should be a no-brainer to anyone that has a shoppingcart that they want to promote.Easy to install, easy to use, I will be a repeat customer on this one.
Love it & 2 future requests
by Joey H, Jul 09th, 2007
Love the coupon add-on - thank you. Besides the use-once option already mentioned, I've got two other things that would make this even niftier. 1) I wish I could assign the coupon discount ONLY to a particular category of items in my shopping cart (like a % off consulting, but not products), and 2) I have some items that become free with the coupon. Would be nice if customers didn't get sent to Paypal anyway. (not sure if that's something your coupon program can do or not). BUT - I'm lovin' it. Thank you.
Coupon Code
by petplanet, Mar 15th, 2007
Great idea and I will use it a lot in the furture. The use once ability would be great. It would be good if the coupon info did not appear on the invoice unless a coupon was used.
Coupon Code System
by The Bead Faery, Mar 11th, 2007
I purchased this add on a few weeks ago for my site and have been using it very successfully since. I like to offer new subscribers to our Newsletter a discount code that they can use on their first order and use it for many other promotions. It was easy to install and couldn't be easier to use. One thing I would like to see with this add on is a "use once" feature (I had this on my old site)....where instead of applting an expirey date, choose the 'use once' option so that the coupon/code is automatically expired once used. Thanks for this great add on, though. Kylie

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