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2in1Travel_Template_Blue: Overview

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  •   - changable template images
  •   - customizable blog box
  • Home Page Template
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2in1Travel_Template_Blue by Gregory -- Released on Apr 30, 2009

NEW - added a new version for easier on-screen reading with increased, 12px font size - please click here to see a new 12px version. So now you can use both - 10px and 12px version - just apply the one you like more.

The original idea was to develope a nice-looking, simple and functional Travel template.

This same template can also be used for any other (non-travel) website with photos in the header such as (the examples below use a 10px version):

Alpaca Breeders of Southern California Site - http://socalpaca.org
Personal Touch Memorials - http://www.personaltouchmemorials.com

Template features:

- replaceble headers and photos (logo at the top and all photos, including the ones within main and subpage header can be replaced with your own via Template Manager).

- 785 px wide, so also user friendly for visitors using monitors with screen resolution 800px, fixed-width travel template, suitable for sites promoting

  • local resorts,

  • adventures,

  • renting apartements,

  • cottages,

  • travel agencies

and similar whose site goal is attracting new customers with nature beauties.

NEW - added tutorial on replacing images inside the "excursion" boxes:
Tu see the tutorial please click here (a new window will open).

  • Promote a random choosen Featured trip on the main page
    (Please see the example at
    ) on the left hand side via promo box

  • Inform your visitor on your main page with a help of up to 2 brief sight overviews not confusing her at the same time by offering her too many options

  • or you can just disable all 3 - the promo box and these 2 "sight boxes" - and use the main page as a regular one.

This template actually consists of 2 different templates Travel-DayTrip_Boxes-blue and Travel-DayTrip_NoBoxes-blue. When applying template Travel-DayTrip_Boxes-blue as a global template you can

  • inform your visitor in a special subpage on up to 6 featured day trips, destinations or sights via pre-designed info boxes. Each of these boxes can be disabled in Template Manager section so you can use only 1 or all 6.

    (Please see the example at http://travel1.vedko.com/Excursions.php ). The background photos can be replaced by your own.
As mentioned the template comes with an additional template Travel-DayTrip_NoBoxes-blue, which looks exactly the same as the first one except it is "clean" - it does not have any boxes included. So when applying it to subpages it can serve as a
Your company info can also be changed and exposed at every page on the left side for easy access.

The template has passed major browser compatibility test including IE 6.0+, Firefox 2.0+ and Opera 10.0.

Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: v4.9+
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