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Super Search - website search tool: Overview

Super Search - website search tool by Cameron Allen -- Released on Sep 15, 2006

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Front end features:
>Allows users to search for keywords, or a specific phrase.

>Includes all shopping cart products that have their "Display This Product" option set to Yes in search as long as that producs security code is Public. Products with a security code other than Public will only be included in searches if the website viewer is logged in with that security group.

>Allows users to specify how many results return per page.

>Hides content for secure pages unless user is logged in as secure user. If a user is not logged in only the page name and number of results found on that page will display.

>Allows users to search within search results.

Display Features:
>Allows Webmaster to assign which template displays for search results page.

>Allows Webmaster to completley customize display every aspect of the search display through an easy to use graphical interface.

>If no display settings are set, the display uses the templates style sheet.

Backend Features:
>Webmaster can exclude pages so that they are not included in searches.

>Webmaster can specify to either include text found in the template, or to only include each page's content in searches.

>Each Pages content is databased to maximize search speed.

>Each Pages content is automaticly updated everytime that page is saved to keep searches current.

>New pages are automaticly added to the database so that they are included in searches.

>Webmaster can easily remove any page from being searched.

>Searches include meta keyword tags for each page.

Search Stats:
>This module Includes Search Stats which displays detailed statistics of each search.

>Each months searches which are ordered by most popular.

>Each months search stats include two categories: searches that returned results, and searches that did not return results.

>Shows all-time most popular searches, which is displayed in two categories: searches that returned results, and searches that did not return results.

Just upload the through your website's plugin manager.

With this module there are 3 ways to add a search box to your site:
1) This plugin will automaticly add a main menu page to your website which links to the search page. You can easily remove and manage the main Search link from your main menu through the auto menu module as you would any other menu page.

2) A drag and drop icon is added to the page editor so that you can easily add a search box to a page.

3) You can add a search box to your template. To do this add #supersearch# to your template's index.html file. The template will then display the searchbox instead of #supersearch# when viewing the website.

* This Plugin Requires Website to be on Pro Edition version 4.9 r27 or later

Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: v4.9+
Soholaunch hand icon Ultra: no

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Works Greats Just needs a tweak
by Matthew Treanor, Jul 03rd, 2008
Hi there this is great, one thing that would finish it off nicely is if the font colour and size took affect on search template before you clicked search cause once you click search the colours and fonts size etc changes according to the plugin just need to do the same for the first part other wise it doesnt match into the look and feel of the website.
Super Search Addon
by lynda, Mar 14th, 2007
This is a great add-on. It works like Google for the website. I'm adding it to all my sites and my clients love it! Thanks.

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