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AWCC Staff Member Roster: Overview

AWCC Staff Member Roster by Allied Web Consultants Corporation -- Released on Oct 22, 2007

Staff Directory Module Allow the faces of your company to be easily displayed and organized in a professional manner. Allow your clients to easily access your company roaster and contact information.


  • Allows the admin to create unique profiles for each employee

  • Admin can control the fields that display on the frontend of the site

  • Control the fields that display on your preview page

  • Alphabetical sorting of employees by Last Name

The Staff Member Roster plugin will save you hours in creating a roster page for your staff or organization members. With this plugin, you can add members, their contact information, including the major Instant Messenger id's, email addresses and more. Also, you can add a bio of each member using the WYSIWYG editor (v4.9.2+) or in a textbox (pre v4.9.2).

Adding, editing and removing members takes only moments. The plugin will display a list of members with links to details of the members. Additionally, you can define the fields that are required and you can define the fields that are displayed on the member list page.

Installation/Set-Up Instructions
Installing this plug-in requires a few easy steps.

  • First you must purchase the plug-in. Following the purchase process the plug-in will be emailed to you in the form of a zip file.

  • Once you have the zip file, login to the backend of your site and click on plug-ins

  • Here you can upload the zip file

  • Once the plug-in has been uploaded, you are now ready to begin using the plug-in

  • Follow the instructions within the plug-in for establishing the staff member directory

Q. Can I make the member display private?
A. You certainly can, you can create a secure page on your website, and place the staff member directory behind the login.

Q. Does the plug-in only work for staff and employees?
A. No, you can use the plug-in for any other member listing you can think of. You can control the fields that display on the site, thus allowing you to easily configure the listings.

Q. Why would you need a Staff Directory on your site?
A. Your clients may be interested in learning more about your company and its employees. The staff directory easily conveys this information to them in an easy to comprehend manner.

Support Information
To contact our support services, please visit and post your support issue.

Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: 4.9+
Soholaunch hand icon Ultra: v1.0+

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Great Support !!!
by Eric Han, Oct 14th, 2009
I bought this plugin for my website, and I wanted to adjust and customize the plugin to fit my website, but I couldn't do it. The support engineer Garth from Allied Web Consultants Corporation gave me a very strong support, and solved all my problems! That's really amazing! Now my website looks just what I want it to be...
Lovely plugin
by Jon Brody, Apr 11th, 2008
Works like a charm, and if you don't mind tweaking Sql tables, it could be used for listing almost anything I guess. Great support from the authors too.

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