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Soho-CSS-Editor: Overview

Soho-CSS-Editor by Mike Armas -- Released on Jul 04, 2012

New Soho-Css-Editor 1.4 added more templates that a customer wanted.

Play with my Soho-Css-Editor 1.4 on my Demo Site

username = demo
password = demo

Also a all new Update system i have add two new screen shots. When editing a template a new tab will show up if there is a new update to that template.

The great thing is you don't have to go to soholaunch and re-download this plug in. All you have to do is reinstall the template you are using from with in the plugin.

Now sometimes you will have to come back to soholaunch and get the next version. And i will sent that msg to you from with in the plugin. The box in the plugin is my way of talking to you the customer. This way you will be always up to-date with all the lasted plugin news.

Also i have up the price to $15 i will not be changing this again for sometime. I will be working to get more template added before i change the price again. So get this plugin before the price changes again and remember all updates are FREE.

New Template is HOME3-extras-brown

New Soho-Css-Editor 1.3

A customer asked for a template to be added on the list so i did it. The template doesn't come with soho but it is free.

Just do a search for Neutral-blue template.

New Soho-Css-Editor 1.2 I added two more templates


This brings the total to 14 templates. Will be adding more soon I might change the price as i add more templates so get it soon before the price goes up.

I also made change the uninstall code to remove all plugin info from soho database. So when you reinstall in it want have your old settings.

New Soho-Css-Editor 1.1 I added two more templates


This brings the total to 12 templates. Will be adding more soon I might change the price as i add more templates so get it soon before the price goes up.

Have you ever want to change the look of one of the templates that come free with every new install of Soholaunch. Well this new plugin lets you change parts of a template with out knowing any programing code.

This plugin has 12 template you can edit. You can change any of the image using the Template Image Swap in the template Manager.

The menu is custom and will be able to edit with the plugin.

I would like to have all 300+ free template in the plugin before the end of 2012.

The price will increase as I add more templates. However, for everyone who purchases version 1.1, all additional updates will be free! That means that you can purchase a plug-in that will eventually let you edit over 300 templates for only $10…you can’t beat that!

You can also go to my demo site and test out the full copy. It’s not entirely complete. The full copy will have 12 templates to edit.

Username = demo

Password = demo

here are a list of templates in the plugin i will update as a add more.







Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: 4.9 r41+
Soholaunch hand icon Ultra: no

Check if your site is compatible with this plugin


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Fantastic editor
by Diane, Sep 06th, 2012
Just using the templates which came with SoHo, I was unable to get any template to customise to my specifications. I bought Mike's SoHo-CSS-Editor, and it is fantastic. I was able to use one of the templates he has made editable, and was able to edit it so that it is exactly how I want my website to look. I asked Mike if he could make a change for me, and within a couple of days he had done so, and I am completely happy. This plug-in is extremely easy to use, extremely versatile, and a MUST HAVE plug-in for SoHo. Many thanks to Mike.
CSS Editor
by Alan, Aug 30th, 2012
I struggled to find a template suitable for my needs and CSS Editor was the answer, it's designer Mike Armas is a really helpful guy and went that extra step in making sure I was able to do what I wanted with my chosen template. Highly recommended.

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