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QuickEdit DropMenu: Overview

QuickEdit DropMenu by Soholaunch.com, Inc. -- Released on Apr 20, 2006

Lets you jump quickly between editing different pages by replacing the 'Edit Pages' button in the Page Editor with a quick-jump menu listing all of your site pages, organized by menu status.

Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: v4.9+
Soholaunch hand icon Ultra: no

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Big Time Saver !!!!
by gartex, Apr 29th, 2008
Thanks! Great Plug-In! Saves me a ton of time!
Dropdown Edit Menu Highly Recommended
by Rainbow, Mar 15th, 2008
Fantastic time saver! Love it.
Great Work
by Matthew Treanor, Oct 26th, 2007
Awesome work makes my life better!!
Drop down edit menu
by Dylanbob123, Jun 16th, 2007
Luv it! Saves soo much time when you are editing changes to multiple pages.
Very Handy
by petplanet, Mar 15th, 2007
A great plugin. Saves heaps of time.
This is really great
by MikeFields, Oct 05th, 2006
I had no idea just how much time this plugin would save me. Thanks for devloping it! Thanks for giving it free!!
How to fix "cannot detect folder name" error.
by , Sep 27th, 2006
Update the latest version of Pro Edition (i.e. via the Software Updates feature). Make sure you're running v4.9 r28 or higher. Then try installing the plugin again.
by Jeff Slaughter, Aug 19th, 2006
When I try to up load the zip file i get this message. (Error: Unable to detect name of extracted folder.)

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