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Private Stores with Account Budgets: Overview

Private Stores with Account Budgets by Springboard Net Solutions -- Released on Nov 25, 2008

The private stores plugin forces your shopping cart customers to have a account (via the Member Logins) feature in order to purchase products.

It also allows you to specify budget amounts for each secure user. You can configure these budgets to be per-purchase (so it acts sort of like a "max cart limit") or concurrent (i.e., they can come back later and buy more stuff until their budget hits zero).

Budget functionality is highly configurable (e.g., you can set budgets to reset every month, every purchase, every year, etc) and completely optional (you don't have to use it if you don't want can just use the member login requirement functionality).

If you want to only allow people registered with you to purchase products (as in the case of a wholesaler or private accounts) then this plugin is for you.

How it works:
1. You install it.
2. Your shopping cart customer adds some products to his cart
3. He goes to check out
4. He's prompted with a login screen

Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: v4.9+
Soholaunch hand icon Ultra: no

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