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Jewels Inc by tim burroughs -- Released on Mar 06, 2007

Welcome to Jewels Inc.

Jewels Inc. is the perfect template for jewelry sales people on a budget. Achieve a professional style that can hold its own against other more expensive styles. A light yet stylish template with 3 promo boxes on the home page and 2 promo boxes on remaining pages. This template is completely CSS based and uses no tables for layout.

Split Menu System

An attractive horizontal main menu system is used with a split vertical sub menu system. Sub pages will show up on this menu down the left hand side with main links stacking up to the top right below the header image. Ideally you will want to setup your website with just a few general categories as main links with all relevant links as subs to that category.


The Jewels Inc logo is easily changed to your own logo. Simply name your logo image file logo.jpg upload to the images folder replacing the current logo.jpg file. A blank logo file is located in the images file for you to customize as well. Logo size is 191 x 68 pixels. The template overall width is 772 pixels fixed with a 533 pixel wide area for content.

Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: v4.9+
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