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Chromatophore: Overview

Chromatophore by tim burroughs -- Released on Aug 09, 2007

Features at a glance

  • Choose your template color, over 16 million colors!

  • CSS Drop Down Menu - quick and lightweight

  • 3 Promo boxes on the homepage with high visibility

It's All About Exposure

Welcome to Chromatophore, a template for Soholaunch. A versatile template brushed with Web 2.0 richness and a 2 page layout giving the user 3 highly exposed promo boxes (Box1, Box2and Box3) on the home page and an open and airy default page. This stylish template compliments any shopping cart with it's wide content area (800px) with help from the pure CSS drop down menu system.

Form Becomes Function

But the very best feature of Chromatophore is the colors that are included in this package. Choose from over 16 million! You have full control over the color of the template's header, menu background and menu font. The rest of the website will change in color according to the colors you specify for these elements.

Here's the key:

Menu Background Color = City

Menu Font Color = State/Province

Header Color = Zip/Postal

Simply input any hex color (ex: #FF0000 for red) or one of 16 valid color names (ex: red) into the corresponding text fields under Webmaster>Business Info in your control panel. Give your website that personal touch, go ahead give it a try!

Demo Now

Minimum Compatible Version:
Soholaunch Pro Edition hand iconPro Edition v4.9.2 r15+
[?] How to make sure you're compatible

Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: v4.9+
Buy Now - $29.00 USD

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Missing menu issue in shopping cart
by tim burroughs, Aug 22nd, 2007
This has been fixed with version 1.2
shopping cart page
by google, Aug 22nd, 2007
the categories boxes are lining vertically. It should line up horizonatlly... how to fix it

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