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One Time Message / EU Cookie Law compliance 1.1.1

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One Time Message / EU Cookie Law compliance: Overview

One Time Message / EU Cookie Law compliance by James D -- Released on Aug 14, 2013

This plugin adds a message box to your site or site page that will be hidden from a user once they click the close button(for a length of period determind by you). It also can be used as a Cookie message which helps make your site compliant with the EU Cookie Law.

! NEW ! Added animation options - fade and slide!

Lots of options including full text editor, background, border, Button, padding and lots more! See screenshots.

There are two ways to add the message box.

  1. By adding #onetimemessage# to your site template

  2. Drag and drop the One Time Message object onto the drop zone of your page editor.

  3. Minimum Compatible Version:

    Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: v4.9+
    Soholaunch hand icon Ultra: v1.0+

    Check if your site is compatible with this plugin


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