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Mobile Browser Redirect: Overview

Mobile Browser Redirect by LawrenceInk -- Released on Jul 14, 2010

Mobile Browser Redirect

This plug in will redirect mobile browsers (such as Palm and Blackberries) to your dedicated mobile web site. This allows you to publish one URL for your web site, but if it is accessed by a mobile browser, the user will be redirected to a web site that you have formatted for easier reading an accessing for a mobile browser.

This plug in can also be used to redirect desktop web browsers to your primary web site if they directly access the mobile web site.

Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: v4.9+
Soholaunch hand icon Ultra: no

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Re: Question
by Dave Dorrell, Feb 02nd, 2011
To answer: Does this redirect all mobile phones?: Yes, it will redirect all mobile phones, however check for updates as new versions of mobile web browsers and mobile phones come out we will be updating the plugin. What is it based on (will it work for iphone?): A web browser sends information about who it is (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc) and its version when it connects to a web site. This tells us what type of web browser it is. Yes it will work for the iPhone. Is there a method to override the setting if I have a link on the mobile site to the main site?: No. It will always redirect the mobile browser back to the mobile site Thanks for the questions! LawrenceInk
by MCFG, Jan 30th, 2011
A couple of quick questions - Does this redirect all mobile phones? What is it based on (will it work for iphone?). Is there a method to override the setting if I have a link on the mobile site to the main site? Thanks for your help and development! Adam

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