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Auto Member Registration Kit: Overview

Auto Member Registration Kit by, Inc. -- Released on Nov 29, 2006

Auto Registration Kit

This kit allows you to add users automatically through your site. You can choose a variety of forms to use depending on what information you want from the user. It also comes with verification to accept or reject users.

What the kit contains

1. 4 Different registration forms for your site, these include:

a: Billing and Shipping information with validation - This will sign your users up to the shopping cart with there shipping and billing information as well as the secured users. It also requires the validation form put somwhere on your site so you can accept or reject them.

b: Billing and Shipping information without validation - The same as above but your members are directly added without and validation. They can imediately login.

c: User only information with validation - This form doesn't include the billing and shipping information part of the form and just asks for there login details. It requires the validation form to accept or reject the pending user.

d: User only information without validation - Same as (C) but it doesn't require the validation and the user is directly entered into your site and they can imediately login.

2. The validation form.
This is the form that you should place behind a secure page that only you can login to. It will display all the users that are pending. You can either choose to accept them, and thier details are added to your system, or reject them and thier details are deleted.

3. The edit information form.
This is a form you can place on the page where users go to edit there details once they have logged in.

4. Welcome Note
You can place this on any page and it will detect the user that has logged in and gives them a welcome message, otherwise it tells them to please login.

Once I have installed it how do I use it?

Easy, once installed all you have to do is go into your page editor in the Soho control panel. Then click on 'Addons' and drag the Auto Member icon over to a hot spot where you would like to place the form. You will then be presented with a window containing options for you to choose. (What forms to drop). Save the page and there you have it!

How does the user know they have signed up?

The forms automatically sends them emails. If you have chosesn to use validation then 2 emails are sent to them. One saying thankyou for registering and then the second when you reject or accept them. If you are not using validation then they are only sent one. The emails include thier login information as well such as thier username and password. Also, if you use validation then a simple text base email is sent to your account telling you there is a member pending on your site.

Troubleshoot FAQ

Why does it say "sec_user" or "cart_customer" table does not exist?

This message only displays when these two table are not yet generated by Soho. Usually when you enter a member manually by going to "Member Login" in your control panel then Soho generates this table, this is the same for the cart_customer table. To fix this you can manually add a member to your site and same with the shopping cart and then use the auto forms. This will be automatically detected for you in the upcoming update.  

Why can't I choose a redirect page for my users?

Again, this will be an added option in the next update. Right now it send the user back to your Home Page. This is where the welcome note comes in handy.

What security group are my users added to?

All you users created by the Auto Form is put into the first security group you have made. Or to be more accurate, the first security group listed in your sec_group table. (which will be the first listed in the securtiy groups in your Soho Control panel.

Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: 4.9+
Soholaunch hand icon Ultra: no

Check if your site is compatible with this plugin


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need instructions
by Adam, Dec 15th, 2006
i need instructions on how o set it up on my web page. that would be nice.

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