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MA_SuperBasic: Overview

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MA_SuperBasic by Mike Armas -- Released on Mar 19, 2007

Here is a demo you all can use and play with

Demo Site

username = demo
password = demo

To view a google map of all my customer Click Here

All New 6.0

I am happy to let you all know that this new SuperBasic 6.0 will work on Soholaunch Pro and Ultra. There are a lot of changes. There is no header flash text any more. and the rotating images have been taken out. New CSS3 animation has been added to the full body and to the content.

Now that I have taken off the flash text, I have added two header text fields that you can customize. They can be placed anywhere, colored however you like, and you can customize the animation as well.

The animation is only supported by IE10 and newer, FireFox 13 and newer, Chrome 16 and newer, Safari 5.0 and newer, IOS Safari 3.2 and newer, and Android 2.1 and newer. If the user doesn't have a supported browser, the template will still look great, it just won't display any animation.

New 5.5

Well it's been a long time but I am still trying to make this template better. This update I have redone the color picker it's much easier to us and it uses a lot less code.

At this time the flash doesn't work for apple ios and I have not seen any mobile templates on soho. I am working on using Adobe Edge to make some text animations but I might have to go back to only having 4 or 5 line of text in the header. I am still playing around but I am all ways happy to get emails from users that want more things add.

I will also add more screen shoots so you can see the new changes in the plug-in. Again I want you to try be for you buy so go play with the demo site. As all way if you need help email me at Mike@armaswebdesign.com

New 5.4

A fix for the IE the blog and blog title.

New 5.3

Well other update what this new 5.3 does is now in the blogs and blog title and blog link text you can make a line break with br with a < and a > around it. There are other html code you can use.

http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_quick.asp" target="_blank">Here is a list of them.

New 5.2

I add a option to turn on and off the flash header ones for my users that don't want a flash at the top want this option.

If there are more things you want just ask.

NEW 5.1

After the new soho v43 my plug-in didn't work. So i fixed it a few things and it's back working again. So i would update your template and plug-in to the new 5.1.

Thank you

NEW 5.0

This is the new 5.0 template. The Flash text and the blog have been re-worked.

The user can now add an unlimited number of test lines, with no need to re-edit the flash file. It reads an xml file that can be edited from the plug-in. It's very easy to use and you can add all the symbols you want in the flash test. A big improvement over the old way.

The blog, blog title and blog link are all re-worked using the same xml file. You can add as much text as you want and use any symbols you want because it now will work without messing up the plug-in.

I have kept the old flash settings in the plug-in so you can still use the old flash files if you want. However, you can only use 4 lines of text and no symbols in the old flash.

NEW 4.4

I have doen a sort order on all the pull downs for images. So if you have 100+ image on your site it will list in order. I now a lot of you have been asking for this one.

I also fixed the menu for friendly likes like Home_page.php i only fixed it for no-cart pages. ones you enter the shopping cart it does back the old way.

If it's not working on the no-carp page tell me the menu code is still being tested.


A customer name Robert found a bug in the right side bar in the cart page. where if you set the right side bar width to 0 it would work in all the page but ones you enter the cart that where it want wrong.


a customer want a background image and have the sidebar a color. But turn off the right sidebar and thats where a bug was found.

To fix it i added a right and left sidebar background color. I did had 1 background color now you can pick 2 colors 1 left and 1 right.

If you don't want to use the right sidebar turn off all the images and blogs. And then set the Background right Color to F and it will show up and looks like you have only one sidebar on.

Take a look at the demo and play with the settings. If you need help you can just email me.

4.2 A customer ask me to add link to the side bar images well it's done.

I also fix the right side alt tags on the image. They where working but didn't display in the plug-in.

If you want something add i will add it for free.

4.1 A few bug fixed and some wording has changed.

The right side bar width can now be set to 0 and turned off the content will go all the way to the right.

All bugs where found by customers a few day ago. If any one find more i will fix them asap. I will also add thing if you want them added for free. All you have to do is ask me.

This is 4.0 template i have add a right side bar with 3 images and 3 more blogs. Just the same a the left side bar. Also added a option to turn on and off the copyright text.

The new 3.0 is out a customer has asked me to add Atl text to the image on the template. Well I have added atl tags to the sidebar images only. You can add the text in the plug-in under the Template Images Tap.

For me to add the footer and header image atl text will be in the next update. It not working yet and might have to do a new Rotator image code.

I also fixed a bug in the flash for the cart.

The new 2.9 lets to change background color or add image to the content and the sidebar. So you can have 3 colors or mix it up and really have a cool layout web page.

I also add a image to the bottom on the content so you can add a image to all page at the bottom of your content.

I also re-name all the image that can be change using soho template image. So now you can see what the image will change be for doing it.


This adds a new option that lets you pick other flash files to use in your template.

At this time a new Flash Pack will be released on 5-14-08.

Flash Pack 1.0 will have 10 flash files to pick from.
All the flash files will work in the cart and main page. All the text can still be changed. The first 10 will only have new font colors. The next will have font changes.

As time goes on i will add more flash files to give you more options.

Also all updates are free.

You need to install the template FIRST and then the plug-in. You will loss your flash text settings after the upgrade.

NEW 2.7

Well after a few people asked me for a Image Rotator, I thought it would be nice to put it in this template. You can add 4 images to the header image and they will rotate through them.

New 2.6.2

Well it looks like a nice customer called

Christopher N. Bigelow
Monster Development

Found a small bug in the cart menu system. It's fixed and works great.

Again thank you to all the great soho customer for making the template better.

This is the same as 2.6.1 I just forgot to take out the popup demo alert.

Thats it the css editor works great. Have fun

NEW 2.6 Is here and it's a big update. A LOT has changed and an all new css editor has been added. You can edit anything from font color, font size, font text, table width, height, background colors just about everything. You can add background images. Just do it the same way at you change image for the header.

There is So much more try the demo it's free. Email me and ask me if you can't find it in the demo.

If there is something you want add email me i will add it to a list for the next update.

Also i made the plug-in a LOT more user friendy and easyer to understand.

If something is not working email me i will get it fixed asap.

New 2.5 it's been some time but all good things come to those who wait.

I have add a new color picker to the plug-in now you can use a cool color picker to pick you font color for the TZ menu.

Also I am working on the css editor for this template so more to come.

2.4 i fixed the cart.html to work better with the shopping cart. Aso the tmenu is center.

This is 2.3 i fixed a bug in the plug-in.

New 2.2 Fixed the copyright code it was not working right.

New ver 2.1 read ver history for new update info.

It's here with a full re-work of the plug-in that now comes with the template so need to download two files. This is all you will ever need.

All the text in the flash at the top can be edited with the plugin.
You can add three photos.
The blogs can be edited or turned off if you don't want them.
At the bottom of the page, you can edit the copyright using the plugin.
Add your own text and links as you please.
This is useing a TZ-menu with drop down for submenus.
There is a Template Image that can be swap-out using the Template Features form the Template Manager page.
This is a very basic template to show you how easy it is to edit everthing useing the plugin.

Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: v4.9+
Buy Now - $29 USD

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by Ada, Jul 02nd, 2009
BRILLIANT - this latest version 4.4 makes the template a total breeze. It has sorted the page names to simple SEO friendly and I love it. Having heaps of fun. The google map is a great idea to see where other users are based, how about a list of URLs too! Well done Mike, heres to YOU.
Absolutely Recommended
by Fine Art, May 29th, 2009
If only other products had this exemplary level of service - cheers Mike, you're a champion. This is a brilliant template. The explanations and screenshots don't do it justice at all. You can create with this template and do so easily and quickly, and you may not even recognise it from the screenshots. Having bought a few templates, my input here would be to say that unless you are totally convinced on another different template, then get this. You can create all sorts of magic with this one, in a click of the mouse, to get a professional website to be proud of.
Great Template and Great Service
by Bearmel, Sep 12th, 2008
As a beginner with websites this template is a refreshing tool. Mike has been excellent and patient with his service. He goes above and beyond your expectations. Thanks Mike
by matt420, May 15th, 2008
superbasic is the best template for soho guranteed,you can pretty much edit everything on the template even if you have 0 knowledge because mike made it so easy,and even a floating menu included,what more can you add,free updates and the best support ,thanks mike
Amazing Template
by Romanticgetaways, Apr 13th, 2008
Thanks so much for your help. Really easy to use even for a beginner like me. Will be buying another copy for my other website. Everyone who has seen the new look has made excellent comments.
Excellent Template
by infiniti, Feb 01st, 2008
This has got to be one the best templates around, there is so much that you can do with it. Well done Mike for making such a superb template, and thanks for you assistance in helping me set mine up, despite me not being able to see what is right in front of me Doh! Keep up the excellent work. Martin
A Whole New World
by Yoder, Nov 26th, 2007
Mike has managed to break down the wall for those of us trapped in the "cookie cutter" world of yesterday templates. If you want a professional, high end look and feel and don't know much about CSS or Template design/layout in general, this one is for you. Simple to use with flexibility to spare! This template is the most well thought out product I have seen. Logic and function with plenty of room for personal crreativity and individuality are built into the template and plug in. It is really only limited to your imagination. Thanks Mike for raising the bar in standard template design with a great product at an unbelievable price.
Great templet
by Scott, Nov 21st, 2007
Not only is this a great looking templet,you can change it as offen as you want to.You can do more with this templet than any other i have seen here. Mike did a great job putting this together,He even helped me set it up to fit my own needs.Plus all updates are included and You can`t beat the price. This is going to be one of the mostly used templet on soho. dresswell

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