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Knowledge Base Plugin: Overview

Knowledge Base Plugin by Matthew Treanor -- Released on Sep 01, 2009

Arrange Your Knowledge Base to Save Customers and Staff Time and Frustration

Every website can and should be used to share files and information with staff, customers or even the general public. Why waste time with manilla folders, shared folders or paper documents that cause frustration and cost time and productivity.

The Knowledge Base Plugin allows websites or intranets to effectively store all relevant files and information in a system that makes it easy for people to find that information.

The benefits of this are many:

Reduce the amount of wasted time staff spend looking for information,

Eliminate your customers frustrations from not being able to find the information they need to make a purchase decision,

Saves you time that was previously spent answering support tickets and enquiries from the public, after they couldn't find the answer on your website.

The Knowledge Base Plugin allows you to create as many categories and sub-categories as you would like, so your documents and information will always be well organised and easy to search. A search function built into the Knowledge Base gives users a shortcut to find the information they require.

After installing the Knowledge Base, the following steps will allow you to create a Knowledge Base:

1)Create the categories you would like your information to be sorted into. The category hierarchy can be as deep as you want.

2)Once the categories are created, click ‘Add Articles' in the top right of the main admin page.

3)Add content to these articles (html body) and save it.

4)Once an article has been added it can be edited. On the Edit function, there is an Attachment List. In the Attachments List, there is a link that says Add an Attachment. The popup allows you to upload any type of file.

Another feature of the Knowledge Base is Related Articles. This is a way of associating one article with other similar articles. This is a one-way association. It relates the article to the similar articles, they are not related back.

To add the Knowledge Base to a page, just edit the page and drag the Knowledge Base icon into the page.

Then you can add all three of the main elements (search, categories and content) or just do the all in one. At minimum, you need to have content and either the search or the category browse box.

Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: 4.9r25+
Soholaunch hand icon Ultra: no

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