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FLASH Jewelry Gold with TZ Menu System 1.2

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FLASH Jewelry Gold with TZ Menu System: Overview

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FLASH Jewelry Gold with TZ Menu System by TemplateZapper -- Released on Nov 30, 2007

This template features a bandwidth-optimized flash banner with easily changeable text lines and embedded fonts.

The two sets of messages within the flash banner are set within sohoadmin's Template Manager using the "Website Header Text" settings.

There are no external plug-ins or files to deal with-- the template system handles it all automatically.

The template also includes a TZ Menu System that is controlled by Soholaunch's Menu Navigation system. When you add a page or edit a page name it is immediately reflected in the rollover menu system. Also, you can freely re-arrange your menu using sohoadmin's built-in nagivation contols. 

Installation of this template system could not be easier-- simply use Soholaunch's Template Manager to upload one zip file... Installation is automatic, and no configuring is necessary.

The template is a fixed width of 780 pixels for optimal display and browser compatibility.

There is a "live" example installed at this website to fully check out the flash and menu system:


Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: v4.9+
Buy Now - $49.99 USD

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