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FLASH Grungy Black with TZ Menu System: Overview

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FLASH Grungy Black with TZ Menu System by TemplateZapper -- Released on Dec 01, 2007

Something a little different-- an urban, grungy feel.

This template features a bandwidth-optimized flash banner with easily changeable text lines and embedded fonts.

The content area has a dark brick background.

The two sets of messages within the flash banner are set within sohoadmin's Template Manager using the "Website Header Text" settings.

There are no external plug-ins or files to deal with-- the template system handles it all automatically.

The template also includes a TZ Menu System that is controlled by Soholaunch's Menu Navigation system. When you add a page or edit a page name it is immediately reflected in the rollover menu system. Also, you can freely re-arrange your menu using sohoadmin's built-in nagivation contols. 

Installation of this template system could not be easier-- simply use Soholaunch's Template Manager to upload one zip file... Installation is automatic, and no configuring is necessary.

The template is a fixed width of 780 pixels for optimal display and browser compatibility.

There is a "live" example installed at this website to fully check out the flash and menu system:


Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: v4.9+
Buy Now - $49.99 USD

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