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Frame Tamer: Overview

Frame Tamer by Springboard Net Solutions -- Released on Nov 06, 2009

Add Framesets and iFrames to your site

The Frame Tamer plugin is designed to make it easy for you to add and work with frames on your soholaunch site. The plugin handles two different tasks.

1) Create frameset pages that consist of a header frame and a content frame.

Simple header frame content can be generated by the plugin (Title, background color and close window link) or you can reference a url to your own header page. Whichever method you choose, the selected header will appear in the top frame of all of the frameset pages that you create.

The content frame (main frame) is easily specified within the plugin control panel for each frameset page you create.

Each frameset page that you create will therefore include your branding and custom content in the top frame and any url of your choice in the bottom frame. There are many uses for html framesets but they are often used to link to content from another location or website while keeping your own branding and navigation at the top of the screen making it easy for users to return to your main website.

Each frameset that is created within the plugin results in a static .html file with a short url making it easy to link to. The frameset files are placed directly in your document root directory so to link to a frameset name frame.html you would just need the url

2) Create iFrames that can automatically resize to the available dimensions of the visitors browser

iFrames provide an easy way to embed content from other pages within the body of another. This is very often used to embed content from 3rd party sites or content hosted in another location.

One problem with iframes is that when the height of the iframe exceeds the height of the browser window, two scroll bars open up. One on the iframe itself and one on the browser. This can make page navigation frustrating. You can choose to use "short" iframes so that users with smaller browser windows don't run into this problem but then users with larger screens will be frustrated by the small iframe window provided.

The Frame Tamer helps to get around this problem by auto-sizing the iframe to whatever height and width is available on the users screen. Note that this is dependent on your template and the iframe will generally resize to at least the height of the tallest content within your template. There is a height adjustment parameter within the plugin that is designed to compensate for various heights of template headers and footers.

Adding an iframe to a page is as simple as dragging the iframe object to the page within the page editor and typing the url to the content you'd like to appear in the iframe. You can choose to set a fixed height and width or use the global settings with the autosize functionality.

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Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: v4.9+
Soholaunch hand icon Ultra: no

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