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Facebook like button - shopping cart and site pages: Overview

Facebook like button - shopping cart and site pages by James D -- Released on Aug 29, 2010

This plugin has two features:
1. Adds a Facebook like button to each product on the products more information page (optional).
2. You can drag and drop a Facebook like button onto any page within the page editor.

When a customer/site user clicks on the button, it will show the number of hits on the button (by Facebook users) and it will also place a link to your product or page which you have placed the button on onto their Facebook wall.

! NEW ! added send button where Facebook users can send a message about your page to other Facebook users/groups

! NEW ! added admin area where you can turn on/off the Facebook Like button in the shopping cart. Plus separate style options for shopping cart and site pages buttons.

! NEW ! added option to change the language of the button over 100 languages supported.

Once installed go to "Plugin Manager >> Facebook like Plugin" to configure the buttons before you place any buttons on your site.

! FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE UPDATING TO THIS VERSION ! if you are updating from V2.0 or earlier you you MUST uninstall the old version first, download the new version by logging into your Soholaunch Addons account and then upload as normal. You MUST NOT use the update button in the Plugin Manager for this update.

This plugin does not replace ViaSteps Add to Facebook plugin, they have different functions and can be used together.

Working example below try it!

Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: 4.9.3 r43+
Soholaunch hand icon Ultra: no

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Facebook like plugin
by laindia, Mar 10th, 2013
It's been less than an hour since I purchased and put on my website. I love it already..Thank you.
by Adventure Andy, Mar 12th, 2011
Thanks James this plug in is great. I have so many extra people visiting my site now and its all because of your Facebook like button. Great job Cheers
Got it - working beautifully!
by Fine Art, Jan 15th, 2011
Thanks James. This is a very clever plugin. What's happening now is my site is being promoted free-of-charge throughout the facebook network. This is a huge benefit for small outlay. Much appreciated and congrats on the idea.
Looks good - but where does it go?
by James D, Jan 02nd, 2011
It does both! When I originally made the plugin it was to automatically place a Facebook like button onto each products more information page. In the last update I added the audibility to drag and drop a Facebook like button onto any page outside of /shopping
Looks good - but where does it go?
by Fine Art, Jan 01st, 2011
Hi.. the above reading says in one instance this is installed under the shopping cart images, another says it can go onto any page. To be clear, can this now go onto any page, anywhere? Thanks!

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