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Enhanced Member Logins: Overview

Enhanced Member Logins by Springboard Net Solutions -- Released on Feb 05, 2010

The Enhanced Member Login plug is invaluable if you allow (or want to allow) members to register on your website. The plugin does two things at once...

1) Completely automates the user registration process


2) Allows you to customize and define the data that you collect, store and display for each member.

Using the plugin is simple and everything is accomplished through simple custom forms.

1) You start by creating a form using the built in form builder. Simply add fields for whatever custom data you'd like stored for each member. You don't need to collect username, password or billing/shipping info here. These fields are provided as a function of the standard secure member login module.

2) Now that you've added your custom fields, click the "form settings" button to set display options, enable the built in CAPTCHA feature and set automatic member registration features.

3) Click the "Auto Member Registration Settings" button set the following options:

- Add Billing/Shipping Module: This adds all of the fields required by the shopping cart for billing and shipping information and stores this data for each secure user.

- Expiration: All users who signup using this form will expire in the number of days set here by default. This is optional and can be manually adjusted later.

- Registration Mode: You can choose to have users automatically registered or you can choose to require admin approval first. If admin approval is required the site admin will receive an email with a confirmation link that must be clicked before approval is processed. This one click process makes it very easy for admins to manage and approve new users.

- Login Redirect Page: All users who register through this form will have their assigned login redirect page set to this page. This can be changed manually later for each user individually through the plugin or through the standard secure users control panel.

- Security Groups: All users who register through this form will be assigned to the security groups listed here. Note that a single form can assign users to more than one group at a time, a great feature for more advanced uses.

Once you have created your new form you simply drag and drop the Enhanced Member Login object onto your page in the web page editor, select your form from the drop down list and then save the page.

Note that you are given the choice between "display profile" or a "sign up form" when dragging the object onto the page. The display profile option presents the user with options to edit and update their profile online. This would normally be placed on a page with an "Auth Login" object or some other page accessible to users once logged in to your site.

The registration forms created with this plugin can be used with the Forum plugin or the Support Tickets plugin if you'd like to use those plugins and be able to also collect additional custom data from your users.

Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: v4.9+
Soholaunch hand icon Ultra: no

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