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AWCC Enhanced Photo Gallery: Overview

AWCC Enhanced Photo Gallery by Allied Web Consultants Corporation -- Released on Apr 13, 2007

The Enhanced Gallery is based on Elegant Gallery by, with a few additions. (It is a separate plugin, not an upgrade.)

Additions >> in Enhanced Gallery

  • Link any photo thumbnail (and it's larger display when moused-over) to any page on your Soholaunch site, any calendar event, any shopping cart product information or any external url.
  • Photo caption displays below the large photo and changes on mouse-over to match the moused-over photo.
  • Photos of different ratios to be used in one gallery without stretching the photos.

Photos Sell! >> Tell the story visually

Site administrator can build dynamic photo displays for various purposes. For example, with Enhanced Gallery, you could build a simple product catalog page with 12 products and short descriptions of each, linking them to their respective product information pages. The same can be done for calendar events.

These plugins provide a simple and visually appealing way of displaying photo galleries on Soholaunch websites. Visitors need only mouse over a thumbnail and the larger version of the photo appears.

Don't let the simplicity of the user experience fool you! The Enhanced Gallery administration panel has a lot of flexibility for the display of your photo galleries. You can create an unlimited number of galleries and each gallery can display 1 to 12 photos.

With both Elegant Gallery and Enhanced Gallery, you have independent control over the border color around the photos in each gallery, as well as the width and height of the large photo. The plugins automatically size the thumbnails to fit neatly to the right or below the large photo. You can also choose whether you want the thumbnails to display to the right or below the large photo.

In addition, both galleries allow template developers to add a custom variable to the template that will display the default chosen gallery whenever the template is loaded.

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Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: 4.9 r54+
Soholaunch hand icon Ultra: v1.0+

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