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Podcaster: Overview

Podcaster by Emerging Designs -- Released on Nov 29, 2009

With Podcaster, you can now add your podcast(s) to your website! This flexible plugin will allow your site visitors to listen to your podcasts right on your website with the integrated audio player or they can subscribe to your Podcast through iTunes. Podcaster provides you with the URL (and necessary RSS feed) for you to submit your Podcast to iTunes.

Podcaster is simple to use and customizable in many ways.


  • Integrated Audio Player for use on your site page(s) - customizable for size, colors and function

  • iTunes RSS feed and URL for easy submission to iTunes

  • Have multiple podcast feeds with as many audio files per feed as you want

  • Simple management of podcast feeds and audio files

  • Color-picker plugin for customizing player on your site

Installation & Setup:

  1. Download zip file (after purchase)

  2. Use the Plugin Manager in Soholaunch to install the zip file

  3. Click the Podcaster icon in the plugins section of sohoadmin

  4. Begin adding the desired podcast feeds by clicking New Podcast Feed on the right

  5. Click New Podcast File to add a feed. You can upload the audio mp3 file right there.

To add the player to your site page(s)

  1. Click Open/Edit Pages

  2. Click Edit next to the page you want to add the player to.

  3. Click the black button to show Plugins

  4. Drag the Podcaster icon to a box on your page and drop it. A form will appear

  5. On the left side of the form, you will see a preview of the player. Below that you can set the size for this player scheme in width and height pixels. You can also choose the podcast feed to put in that player.

  6. On the right side, you can choose an existing scheme or create a new one. If you enter a name in the box, it will create a new scheme. You can choose an existing scheme and leave it as-is or you can then enter a new name and customize it below.

  7. Click on any color text entry box and a color picker window will appear. You can choose the color you want and it will insert the proper value in the text box.
  8. Next, there are some other settings, such as Auto Play and Auto Resume. Set these to your desired preferences

  9. Below that is the Refresh Preview button. NOTE: Only the colors will change in the preview window when you click Refresh Preview, not the Other settings.

  10. When you are done editing, Click "I'm Happy. Add It."

Contact sohoaddons@emergingdesigns.com

Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: 4.9+
Soholaunch hand icon Ultra: no

Check if your site is compatible with this plugin


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