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Lightbox Gallery: Overview

Lightbox Gallery by Emerging Designs -- Released on Feb 02, 2010

With this plugin you can now very easily add a Lightbox (aka Shadowbox) gallery to a page by dropping only one photo onto any page of your site.

Use the simple gallery builder portion of the plugin to define each photo in the gallery (along with the photo's title and thumbnail).

Then edit any page on your site, drag and drop the icon and choose the thumbnail to display on the page. When the user visits that page and clicks that photo, they will get a Lightbox on the page with next and previous navigation, allowing them to page through the photos in the gallery.


  1. Download and install the plugin

  2. Click the plugin admin panel in Sohoadmin.

  3. Create at least one gallery

  4. Then click Manage Photos.

  5. Click Add Photo and choose the gallery you want it to be placed in and choose the thumbnail for the photo.

  6. Once you are done adding all the photos to the gallery(s), edit any page on your site

  7. Click the black plugins button and then drag and drop the Lightbox icon to your page.

  8. Choose the gallery you want to be shown.

  9. Choose the thumbnail from that gallery to be placed on the page. Only that one thumbnail will display on the page itself, but when clicked the rest of the photos (larger versions) will be displayed in the lightbox.

  10. Optionally, if you want a CSS class to be added to the thumbnail image, enter it in the box.

  11. Click OK to add it to the page.

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Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: 4.9+
Soholaunch hand icon Ultra: no

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Great Plug-in for a great price!!
by BA Web Services, Jun 05th, 2012
Emerging Designs has done a good job on this plug-in. If you need a flexible and professional looking image gallery I recommend this one. - And the price is very affordable. Also, Emerging Designs stands behind their products with great customer service. Thank you, Bill Anderson

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