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Affiliate Pro: Overview

Affiliate Pro by Emerging Designs -- Released on May 28, 2009

New Version 2.0!
Now has Affiliate Sign-Up and Login Built-In!

Affiliate Pro is the perfect plugin for offering commissions to people who want to promote your site and/or products. It takes moments to set up and it combines with the functionality of the built-in Secure Membership feature of Soholaunch.


  • New Feature! Automatic Affiliate Sign-Up

  • New Feature! Affiliates Automatically receive an email with their login and instructions

  • Affiliate dashboard interface

  • Click-Thru tracking - global and by affiliate

  • Offer percentage commission by subtotal or product quantity

  • Offer flat rate commission per order or per product quantity

  • Offer different rates and rate types per product

  • Offer different rates per Affiliate

Installation is quick and configuration is easy:

  • Download ZIP file and install it

  • Open the Affiliate Pro interface

  • Choose your program defaults on the right

  • Edit each member settings to set their individual rates

  • Add a page to your site and drag the Affiliate Pro plugin to the page and save it

  • Link to the new page on your site by adding it to the Menu or linking in the content of another page

Note: This plugin is not connected to any other Affiliate software package.

Support is simple:

Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: 4.9.3+
Soholaunch hand icon Ultra: no

Check if your site is compatible with this plugin


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A Great Plug-In
by Nick, Feb 24th, 2012
Very easy to install and set up different commission rates for different clients. Andrew has also made it work for the currency picked in the shopping cart's Payment Preferences. It shows which website the link came from and what page it linked to. Also shows what was bought in the shop. You have to manually pay the commission and that's a good thing too.

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