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Coupon Designer: Overview

Coupon Designer by Springboard Net Solutions -- Released on Aug 15, 2007

The Coupon Designer makes it easy for you to create and manage coupons designed for print. This is an easy to use tool for restaurants and retail businesses of all types that accept print coupons in-store.

In addition to making it easy to create coupons, the plugin also helps you manage them by allowing you to set an expiration date after which the coupon is automatically removed from your site.

Alternately you can set the expiration date to a fixed point in the future (for example 30days) This means that your coupon will stay available until you manually remove it but you can still set short term expiration dates on your printed coupons. This helps increase traffic to your site as customers need to return on a regular basis to print updated coupons and insures that you don't need to worry about coupons with expiration dates long into the future.

soholaunch pluginsCoupon Designer Demo

** New Feature **(as of ver. 1.05)

"Print" and "Send to a Friend" buttons added below each coupon. This makes it easier for customers to print just the coupon they want without having to print the entire page. The "send to friend" button opens a new mail message on the client PC with the coupon title and a link to the coupon page already filled in.

** New Feature **(as of ver. 1.09)

You can now designate coupons as "Hidden". Hidden coupons can only be accessed when a user enters the proper coupon code into a coupon search form. This is most useful when you market coupons offline or through direct communications such as email newsletters and you don't want the coupons posted publicly.

To use this feature, just designate the coupon as a hidden coupon and then drag and drop the coupon object onto a page where you wish the search field to appear. Choose the option to insert the search field instead of a coupon when prompted.

Designers can stylize the search form using the following classes if desired.

- search_error: The class of the div which prints the error message
- search_label: The td where the 'enter the code' text is displayed
- search_input: The input field where code will be entered
- search_submit: The submit button

Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: v4.9+
Soholaunch hand icon Ultra: v1.0+

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Very Nice
by Public Persona, May 03rd, 2008
Very nice indeed. Take me 1 minute to make a coupon.

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