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S007-BusID1: Overview

  • Main Template
  •   - change header slogan
  •   - changable template images
  •   - customizable blog box
  • Home Page Template
  •   - change header slogan
  •   - changable template images
  •   - customizable blog box
  • Blog Template
  •   - change header slogan
  •   - changable template images
  •   - customizable blog box
  • Shopping Cart Template
  •   - change header slogan
  •   - changable template images
  •   - customizable blog box

S007-BusID1 by ViaStep -- Released on Sep 26, 2007

Compatible for Soholaunch 4.9 >

This is a fixed size template. 771px
ALSO AVAILABLE IN 1020px width (contact us)

included in this package/zip file: 4 page template (startpage, subpage, shoppingcart and newspage design), styles, images (gif and/or jpg)

- The following functionalities are included in this template: Replacable Logo, Photo, Header, 4 boxes, Horizontal Main menu, Vertical submenu, Content, Copyright

Many new changes are made to the template.

-included cart.html template and news template
- changed size of left bottom area which has been converted into a BOX, so you can past your address or anything else there.(created the box4 (and box1 on subpages))
- bullet spacing in submenu
- several other coding improvements

Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: v4.9+
Buy Now - $39.00 USD

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Delighted with this template
by Fine Art, Mar 15th, 2008
This is a silky smooth, very classy template. People who want to use the boxes will enjoy that facility - to me, the menu system is exceptional. You can control the amount of information visitors receive, so you can obtain their focus, and when drilling in, that silky side menu is very smart indeed. Some templates sell themselves with bells and whistles; this is a very professional, very smart template. Service through soholaunch has been exceptional. A delighted and very thankful customer.

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