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Business Network Profiles: Overview

Business Network Profiles by Emerging Designs -- Released on Feb 04, 2009

Business Network Profiles is a powerful plugin that allows you to host a business network (or any other organizational network) website. Organize members by companies. Organize companies by industries.

Front-End Features

  • Business Network Profiles ties into the Member Logins features

  • Members can manage his/her own profile information, including uploading their own photo/logo.

  • Member profiles can have HTML and a WYSIWYG is provided.

  • Each company can have one member assigned as an administrator of the company information

  • Each company can have it's own photo/logo uploaded

Back-End Features

  • Add/Edit/Delete unlimited industries

  • Add/Edit/Delete unlimited companies

  • Add/Edit/Delete unlimited members

  • Define required fields for members

  • Define which fields to display in the member list (all fields displayed in member details page)

  • Simple member lookup options

  • Easy installation - Virtually no configuration required

  • One page drag-n-drop setup. No complicated page configuraions.

Installation & Setup

  1. Download the plugin zip file.

  2. Install the zip file in the Manage Plugins of Sohoadmin.

  3. Create a page on your site that the plugin will be displayed on. (Note: do not secure this page in a group.)

  4. Create a secure group in the Secure Member module of Sohoadmin. Call it whatever you want.

  5. Open the Business Network Profiles plugin in the Advanced Features.

  6. Under Login Default Settings, choose the group you have created. Choose the page you created to display the plugin on. Click Save.

  7. Add the new page to the Menu Navigation or link to it from another page to make it available to the public.

  8. You are ready to begin using the plugin!


  1. Create some industries by clicking on the Add/Edit Industries button. Enter the industry name and Save it.

  2. Create some companies in your business network. When creating companies, be sure to choose the industry (or industries) that the company applies to as well as upload a photo/logo for that company.

  3. You can add members manually. Adding a member will create a new user login account automatically.

  4. You can allow existing members to enter their own information. Have them log into your site using the normal method and then when they go to the plugin page, there will be a link to manage their profile in the top right.

  5. Upon visiting your site, a user can view the plugin page and browse through industries, companies and members.

Tip: Use the Auto Member Registration Kit to allow visitors to sign up on your site and get started creating their profiles immediately.


You can contact us by email :
Additional support can be found in the Soholaunch Forums (

Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: 4.9.3+
Soholaunch hand icon Ultra: v1.0+

Check if your site is compatible with this plugin


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