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BEAUTY - Beauty Routines PinkFW: Overview

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BEAUTY - Beauty Routines PinkFW by WebFreak -- Released on Jun 17, 2007

A Beauty Template in Pink - features Female Beauty Routines

This is a fixed width template of 880px in width. It will incorporate the SOHO Shopping Cart System seamlessly.

The template also features "User Images" Functionality. The 5 images at the top can be replaced by images of your own choosing.

Provision for a Logo Image has also been made. Unfortunately your logo must be sized/resized to the dimensions of 229px Width by 107px Height. If you need help with this, email me! :)

Unzip the file first to your Hard Drive to get to the "Important Instructions" bit and the folder that contains the actual template files i.e. BEAUTY-Beauty_Routines-PinkFW

Upload (FTP) the complete "BEAUTY-Beauty_Routines-PinkFW" folder to /public_html/sohoadmin/program/modules/site_templates/pages and in SOHO use the Template Manager to select it as your Site's Base Template.
/public_html/ folder may be something different in your hosting environment like /wwwroot/, /httpdocs/, /htdocs/ - replace accordingly.

If you need assistance with FTP Upload, contact me!

You can preview this template in a live environment at

Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: v4.9+
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