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AWCC TurboCache for Soholaunch Website Builder: Overview

AWCC TurboCache for Soholaunch Website Builder by Allied Web Consultants Corporation -- Released on Aug 25, 2010

Way Faster Soholaunch

Installing this plugin on doubled the speed! Results will vary based on which content you choose to cache so feel free to give it a free speed-test drive!

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"WOW... Blindingly fast, I didn't realize just how fast it could be--now the pages load in less than half the time!"
Dean Raw, CEO

(TurboCache Version | Non-TurboCache Version)

"Having seen the dramatic difference that TurboCache made to we just had to get a server license."
Alan Smith

"I did notice page load time was cut in half."
Dresswell (from the Soholaunch Forum)

"Our web site is very graphics intensive, never seen pages load this fast ever! Turbo Cache is a Great Product"
Geoff Dewhurst

"I just wanted to see how fast the page would load, and there was an amazing difference so I purchased it! The pages load in a snap!"
Erica Watson Stirling Images Photography -

How it works. The TurboCache plugin makes your website pages load faster by saving a cached copy of each page and then loading that copy when a visitor hits your website. This is much faster than re-building each page for every visitor from scratch. Most people report that their pages load in about HALF the time as usual...or even faster in database-heavy pages like catalog pages! We'd love to hear your questions and comments and how much faster your sites are running!

Your TurboCache Features

  • Dramatically slashes page-load time
  • Accelerates your page delivery for Soholaunch
  • Automatically builds & manages your page cache on every "Save Page"
  • The only Accelerator for Soholaunch Website Builder... and it's affordable!
  • Fully customizable for things that NEED to change - Controls to exclude your #BOX# variables, custom template includes, specific pages, and on-page custom code includes
  • Don't want to wait for page visits? Instead of building the cache a page-at-a-time as people visit, the big green button caches your entire site, on the spot!
  • Private Preview - Run in manual mode and use Soho's Preview Page button to check your page, BEFORE Web surfers can see it! (Just remember to clear cache or hit the big green button)
  • You even get a testing mode for making sure your cache is working

Thank You!

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Support Information

To contact our support services, please visit and post your support issue.

Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: 4.9.3 r43+
Soholaunch hand icon Ultra: no

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Great plugin, great support
by, Jan 12th, 2011
Cool option for speeding up page loading. Works well and their support team is responsive and helpful. Cheers, Mike.
What an amazing plug-in for Soho!
by LinkLv, Oct 21st, 2010
TurboCache has made me look a SohoLaunch in a whole new light. This plug-in made my site 10x times faster to load. I love this plug-in so much it was a no brainier to buy server licenses for all my servers. Bradley Roberts | |

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