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Product Configuration by -- Released on Mar 30, 2008

This Plug-in enables Field-Level Help Links on Forms as well as Price Affecting Options for Shopping Cart Items. This is an essential plug-in if you sell configurable or personalized items from your web site and need to be able adjust the price based on your customer’s selections. For example, a site that sells custom in-line skates may need to adjust the price of a pair of skates based on the type of wheels and bearings their customers select. This plug-in provides an easy way to add or subtract from the product price based on the options your customers select. It’s also a great way to charge for additional product related services such as gift wrapping. You’ll have the option to help guide your customers’ decisions by enabling field-level links on your forms. As in the custom skate business example above, you might want to provide a link to a site page that provides a comparison of all of the skate frames that you offer next to the Frame selection drop-down on your form. This feature doesn’t necessarily need to be used with the pricing options feature. You can use it to provide helpful links on any of the forms on your site.

Minimum Compatible Version:

Soholaunch Pro Edition hand icon Pro Edition: v4.9.3 r31+
Soholaunch hand icon Ultra: no

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Fixed my problem
by kmakpres, Sep 01st, 2009
I used this addon to set up a selection of shipping options for my website. These options where not available in the SOHO builder and the Base rate plugin would never work right. I highly recommend this product for anyone wanting to add a variety of options to the purchase price of your items. Dan

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