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How do I view/change the domain name the addon I purchased is licensed for?

  1. Click the "Log-in" button at the top right.

  2. Enter your username/password and log-in

  3. Click the Manage Account button at the top right (appears where the Login button was after you have logged-in).

  4. Click "My Licenses" on the left-hand menu.

  5. You should see a license record for the addon you purchased associated with the
    domain (or server) you specified at checkout when you bought it. Click the "Edit" link
    next to that record, change the domain name to match the one you are trying to install/use
    this addon on. Click the "Save" link.

Why do I get a "not licensed" error when I try to install/use the template/plugin I just purchased?

If you get a "not licensed" error when you try to install/use this addon, it’s probably because the domain name you licensed it for (the one you filled-in at at checkout) does not match the domain name that you are trying to install/use it on.

Check out your license (see My Licenses) and make sure that it matches exactly the domain name of the website you're trying to install/use the template/plugin on. If your website's URL is http://example.com, make sure your license is for exactly "example.com" (not including the quotes).