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AWCC Real Estate Listing $19.95

By Allied Web Consultants Corporation

Calling all Real Estate Agents! This is the tool for you! The Featured Listing plugin is designed to allow you to quickly and easily create a Featured Listing page for any of your property listings. Now, you don't have to go to the Page Editor and ma—[continued]

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AWCC Feature Anything Product Catalog $19.95

By Allied Web Consultants Corporation

The Feature Anything plug-in allows a website administrator to quickly and easily
build numerous item listing display pages. This can be a simple way to display items for sale outside of the normal shopping cart system.

At times, yo—[continued]

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Coupon Designer $49.95

By Springboard Net Solutions

The Coupon Designer makes it easy for you to create and manage coupons designed for print. This is an easy to use tool for restaurants and retail businesses of all types that accept print coupons in-store.

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Menu Manager $49.95

By Springboard Net Solutions

The Menu Manager addon is designed to allow Restaurants to quickly and easily create and maintain online menus.

Other Uses: The Menu Manager also works perfectly well for creating menus of products and services for all types of businesses.

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Add to Facebook $5.00

By ViaStep

ViaStep "Add to Facebook" Plugin

Add one of 3 "Share on Facebook" links on any page you like.

When clicked, a visitor would be able to add a link and description to your website on his/her facebook.

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Email Marketing Administrator (Signup Form Manager) FREE

By Springboard Net Solutions

Email Marketing Administrator
(Signup Form Manager)

** This plugin requires an active Springboard Email Marketing Administrator Account.

While this plugin is not absolutely required in order to embed Email Marketing Administrator signup forms—[continued]

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Knowledge Base Plugin $29.95

By Matthew Treanor

This plug-in provides the ability to build a knowledge base which should cut down on support tickets.

This plug-in allows you to build up a knowledge base which can upload documents (e.g. PDF files) and information to allowing it to be used for—[continued]

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Affiliate/Sponsor Linking $4.99

By cprince

Affiliate marketing is a powerful way to make money on your website. This plugin makes marketing all of your affiliates extremely simple. You can even set up categories for all of your links so that users can easily browse for something specific


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