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Click Counter FREE


Lets web developers track the number of clicks on a particular link or button by passing a special &linkid in the href/onlick.

Management module where you can view the click talleys for each tracked item, create new linkid's to track, delete exis—[continued]

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Secure User History $19.95

By cica

This plugin tracks the login history of any authenticated users.

When a user enters their username and password to access your site, their username as well as the date and time of access is recorded in a database table (sec_user_history).


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Google Analytics $9.50

By, Inc.

Google™ Analytics is one of the most advanced website statistics programs on the market. This plugin makes it easy to add the necessary code to your site and can make a huge difference in your knowledge about your site visitors. Supports secure an—[continued]

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Affiliate Pro $55.00

By Emerging Designs

Want to make money on your site? Want to sell more products? Affiliate Pro allows you to give commissions on sales to those that promote your site in their online interactions (forums, websites, blogs, etc). A simple link is provided to each user.

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Google Conversion Code Plugin‏ $6.95

By Matthew Treanor

Google Conversion Code Plugin

This plugin allows you to add the Google Conversion Tracking code to your website without the hassle all you need to do is cut and paste the code that is provided by Google.

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By Blackwood Productions

Try our Webworks Reciprocal link exchange 60 day free trial and rank in google before you pay. After the 60 day trial has ended only pay 24.95 monthly and have get relevant link exchnages handled by the professionals. Larger packages are available.

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Google verification and Analytics FREE

By Web Hosting Solutions

Allows the pasting of code snipits from Google for verification and analystics

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