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AWCC Base Shipping & Local Pickup $19.95

By Allied Web Consultants Corporation

Base Shipping & Local Pickup allows you to add a base shipping charge (handling fee) to each order as well as offer Local Pickup (which negates the shipping charges). Compatible with international currency selections.

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AWCC UPS Real Time Shipping $39.95

By Allied Web Consultants Corporation


Offer real-time shipping calculations to your customers
Remove all guesswork in terms of calculating costs
Provides a list of available shipping amounts based on UPS services
Single handling charge for every order


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Weight Based Shipping $29.95

By Matthew Treanor

The Weight Based Shipping plug-in allows you to accurately calculate the shipping charge for a purchase, based on the total weight of the purchased goods.

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Australian Postal Shipping $5.95

By Web Hosting Solutions

Shipping module that calculates Australian Postage based on the weight of each product in the Order

Allows for the addition of handling charge.

Australian orders can be despatched by Standard or Express Post.
International orders can be shippe—[continued]

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Weight & Zone Based Shipping $59.95

By Casey Bajema

Weight & Zone Based Shipping allows for weight ranges and zones to be used together to either calculate the shipping cost or in a look up table where each weight-zone intersection is directly specified.

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Delivery Instructions $5.95

By, Inc.

Allows your shopper to enter special delivery instructions with their order.

I.E 'If no one home, then leave at back door'.

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Australia Post Shipping $5.95

By Casey Bajema

This plugin connects to Australia Post's systems to automatically calculate shipping costs and delivery times.

This plugin requires that the user calculates and enters products shipping weights into the User-defined Variable (B) field

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