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Search Engine Sitemaps $10.00

By ViaStep

Search Engine Optimizing Sitemap creation and submission

Sitemaps are a way for webmasters to give them information they could use to better crawl their sites.

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XHTML SEO Tidy Up $19.95

By Allied Web Consultants Corporation

XHTML Tidy is an easy to use plugin that will clean your page and blog content HTML and turn it into valid XHTML.


Quick installation
Easy-to-use interface
Original content is saved when Tidy is performed
Helps avoid SEO costly mi—[continued]

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AWCC SEO Power Pack $19.95

By Allied Web Consultants Corporation

The answer to all your SEO needs!


Allows the admin to dynamically generate a free XML sitemap
Easily create an HTML sitemap for your end users
Automatically ping major search engines with your site changes
In one step add Google An—[continued]

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My Favicon $5.95

By Matthew Treanor

Upload a Favicon in 3 Simple Clicks,Browsers display the favicon at the start of the URL bar.

How Easy Can it Be?
No more need to mess around with FTP or Control Panel, the My Favicon Plugin makes uploading a favicon as simple as three clicks.

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Currency Picker $29.95

By Matthew Treanor

Currency Picker allows Your Customers to see their purchase in their currency

Give your customers the convenience of viewing their purchase in their currency.
You choose the currencies customers can view their purchase in, based on the countries—[continued]

View Details >> SEO Plugin $24.95/mo

By Blackwood Productions

Try our Webworks Reciprocal link exchange 60 day free trial and rank in google before you pay. After the 60 day trial has ended only pay 24.95 monthly and have get relevant link exchnages handled by the professionals. Larger packages are available.

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Google verification and Analytics FREE

By Web Hosting Solutions

Allows the pasting of code snipits from Google for verification and analystics

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SEO Friendly Categories $10.00

By Pixels & Press

Boost your SEO ranking for you shopping cart and produce more sales!This plugin allows you to edit the metadata associated with individual shopping cart category pages.The tags included are:<title>Your Category Title</title>
<meta nam—[continued]