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Business Network Profiles $50.00

By Emerging Designs

Business Network Profiles is a powerful plugin that allows you to host a business network (or any other organizational network) website. Organize members by companies. Organize companies by industries.

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AWCC Robo-Spam Eraser $19.95

By Allied Web Consultants Corporation

Have you lost too much time to spam form submissions? If not, wait for it. We eliminated robot spam from all our sites without losing human contacts or resorting to CAPTCHA. Innoculate your Soholaunch sites now with the AWCC Robo-Spam Eraser plugin.

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myPW $29.95

By cica

Increase the security of your website by adding two-factor authentication via a third-pary hardware token or sms messaging to your mobile phone. While a password can be compromised, a one-time password delivery system cannot.

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Secure User Files FREE

By Cameron Allen

This plugin restricts viewing and downloading of all files in the media folder. Only users who are logged in as a secure user, shopping cart customer, or site administrator can access the files in the media folder.

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Show Off Line Payment Information $19.95

By Web Hosting Solutions

For use by Soholaunch sites that use 'Off Line Credit Card Payment'. That is, you manually process crredit card transactions. This program allows an authorised user to view the entire Credit Card information for a sale on the one screen.

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Secure Category Display $10.00

By Pixels & Press

Displays categories that contain one or more products the user is authorized to see. Great for a business that offers specific products for clients, but doesn't want clients to be confused by seeing shopping cart categories that don't relate to them.

Right Click and Copy Blocker $10

By James D

Help protect your images and source code.

This plugin disables right click, copy(ctrl+c) and drag and drop of images. With the option to have warning message. So that surfers cannot easily take your images copy your text or view your.... only $10!—[continued]

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