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Floating Menu $24.90

By ViaStep

You can now create dynamic horizontal and vertical menu's by using ViaStep's Floating menu with Search Engine Friendly links.

Special Server license price for a limited time!

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DynGoBack $7.00

By ViaStep

Dynamic Go Back (DynGoBack) shows your visitors the page they are on in a breadcrumb link structure.

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Search Engine Friendly Page Names $9.99

By Leh-Wen Yau

Soho has incorporated the function of this plug-in in v4.9.3 r20.

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AWCC Alternate Style Sheets $19.95

By Allied Web Consultants Corporation

You know that nifty little tool you see on sites that makes the text larger without having to mess with your browser? That's what the Alternate Style Sheets plugin helps you do!


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Display Titles on Menu FREE

By Cameron Allen

This plugin will display your page titles instead of the page names on your site's menu for pages that have page titles. This works on all menu types, and should work on most custom templates as well.

EZ Jump Menus $29.95

By Springboard Net Solutions

This add-on makes it easy to create simple drop down "Jump Menus".

Instead of placing lots of text links that take up valuable screen space, clean up your navigation when displaying links to outside sites or linking to Documents.

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Menu Manager $49.95

By Springboard Net Solutions

The Menu Manager addon is designed to allow Restaurants to quickly and easily create and maintain online menus.

Other Uses: The Menu Manager also works perfectly well for creating menus of products and services for all types of businesses.

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Tree Menu $49.95

By Springboard Net Solutions

The Tree Menu replaces the default vertical menu (#VMENU#)with a "Windows like" expanding and collapsing tree menu. This not only looks pretty cool on your site but enhances functionality by enabling users to view subpages without the need to click (—[continued]

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Multi-Level Navigation $60

By Emerging Designs

The Multi-Level Navigation Plugin allows you to have unlimited menu levels on your Soholaunch based site.

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Document Manager $59.95

By Springboard Net Solutions

The document manager plugin makes it incredibly easy to manage and display files for download on your site. You can easily create nicely formatted file directories in minutes that would take hours to do by manually. Makes future updates easy too!

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Main Menu Button Optimizer $9.99

By jpennyltd

For Templates utilizing soho vertical button menus.

Several new display options available, including button dimensions, font, border and mouseover effects.

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Mega Menu Builder $59.95

By Springboard Net Solutions

The Ultimate Navigation Creation tool for soholaunch websites!

Very quickly and easily build complex Mega Menus that make organizing large sites a breeze.

A Mega Menu provides quick access to a large number of links by displaying multiple colu—[continued]

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