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Wordpress Blog FREE

By Cameron Allen

This plugin automatically installs and configures Wordpress Blog.

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Mountains, Man (No Boxes) FREE

By Cameron Allen

Same template as the Original Mountians_Man except this version does not have any blog boxes.

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Display Titles on Menu FREE

By Cameron Allen

This plugin will display your page titles instead of the page names on your site's menu for pages that have page titles. This works on all menu types, and should work on most custom templates as well.

Custom 404 Redirect FREE

By Cameron Allen

This plugin will redirect all non-existant soholaunch formatted page requests (example: to

You can either place a custom php file named 404.php in your document root folder, or create —[continued]

Super Search - website search tool $39.95

By Cameron Allen

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Front end features:
>Allows users to search for keywords, or a specific phrase.

>Includes all shopping cart products that have their "Display This Product" option set to Yes in search as long as that p—[continued]

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Secure User Files FREE

By Cameron Allen

This plugin restricts viewing and downloading of all files in the media folder. Only users who are logged in as a secure user, shopping cart customer, or site administrator can access the files in the media folder.

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