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Website: www.armaswebdesign.com

Email: mike@armaswebdesign.com

Addons by Mike Armas

MA_SuperBasic $29

By Mike Armas

Here is a demo you all can use and play with

Demo Site

username = demo
password = demo

To view a google map of all my customer Click Here

All New 6.0

I am happy to let you all know that this new SuperBasic 6.0 will work on Soholaun—[continued]

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Soho-CSS-Editor 1.0 Demo FREE

By Mike Armas

The next great plugin is here with a free demo. Have you ever want to change the look of one of the templates that come free with every new install of Soholaunch. Well this new plugin lets you change parts of a template with out knowing any programi—[continued]

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Flash Pack-MA_SuperBasic $10

By Mike Armas

I have added 13 more flash files to pick from. You can go to my demo site to test it out.

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Soho-CSS-Editor $15

By Mike Armas

New Soho-Css-Editor 1.4 added more templates that a customer wanted.

Also a all new Update system i have add two new screen shots. When editing a template a new tab will show up if there is a new update to that template.

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Flash-MA_Chameleon $10

By Mike Armas

The very first Flash Pack for my template MA_Chameleon. This plug-in installs 11 flash files for you to pick from using the MA_Chameleon plug-in 2.2+.

You MUST download the new template and plug-in from your soho account if you have a older versio—[continued]

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Soothing Waters $30

By Mike Armas

I am re-posting this template at a lower price. Now you can get the most powerful template at a lower prices.

Welcome to my new template! This template has a lot to offer. Using the plug-in called "Plugin-MA-Soothing_Waters"

This file contains—[continued]

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Soho-Backup With Dropbox $5

By Mike Armas

If you have been using the build-in backup tool that comes with soho you can upload the files it's been saving to your Dropbox account.

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